About GoPath® Diagnostics
Rethinking the patient journey, the GoPath way
GoPath is a CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory that offers cancer diagnostics to include OncoTarget® Series, OncoTracking™, GeneticsNow® Series and Surgical Pathology

Throughout every step of a patient's cancer journey, GoPath provides insights into their health - from screening, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, to monitoring.
We are your preferred single-source lab, delivering the experience of a local laboratory backed by the most advanced lab technology in the world. We offer a comprehensive exam menu, decades of combined pathologist and hematopathological experience, advanced technology, and our commitment to our customers.

Cancer diagnosis and treatment are advancing rapidly. Despite this, cancer remains a very costly disease. GoPath offers a range of oncology solutions, from hereditary cancer risk panels to extensive molecular testing, to help health systems, community cancer centers, and other providers stay ahead of the game.

GoPath's extensive list of oncology companion diagnostics, medical expertise, and innovative technical solutions can enable providers, oncologists, and health systems to stay current with the latest diagnostic tools and treatments.
To advance cancer diagnostics through continuous innovation in molecular pathology and providing excellent services
Our mission
To improve the lives of those affected or not affected yet by cancer with the latest technologies applied into precision medicine
Our vision
Provide our customers-clinicians and patients alike - with superior innovation, education and service
Our core values
Through the use of diagnostic tools, patients and their clinicians have made more informed medical decisions earlier and with more accuracy. However, there is still much for improvement.
-Dr. Jim Lu, CEO and Medical Director
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