FDA-Cleared IVD Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Panel
Available in 6-10 business days
FDA-Cleared (510k) test
Clear insights to therapy options
OncoTarget® 500 integrates the robust bioinformatics of PGDx Elio Tissue Complete and provides physicians and researchers with medically actionable analyses on hundreds of cancer-related genes to help determine the specific genomic profile of an individual tumor. Based on the unique genomic profile of each patient's cancer, our test provides physicians with clinically actionable information to consider appropriate therapies for each patient and identify resistance to those therapies.

PD-L1 immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing will be performed with a wide range of monoclonal antibodies. Results for microsatellite instability and tumor mutational burden will help inform immunotherapy decisions, as well as many other actionable mutations.

FFPE samples will be stained with H&E and reviewed by board-certified pathologists for tumor areas. A macro-dissection will be performed to enrich the tumor content by no less than 20%.

Patients with qualifying Medicare or Medicare Advantage can receive Oncotarget® 500 across all solid tumors via Palmetto LCD.
What is OncoTarget®500?
20 Translocations
28 Amplifications
505 SNVs and Indels
507 Total genes whole exon
2 Genomic Signatures
cleared for all solid malignant neoplasms
Clinical Values of OncoTarget® 500
Available in 6-10 business days

  • Turn-key, automated bioinformatics with machine learning
  • Optimized workflow, processing begins immediately
6-10 Day Turnaround Time
Achieved by our streamlined lab process and AI-assisted bioinformatics pipeline
Day 4
Next-Generation Sequencing
Day 5
Automated Bioinformatics
Day 6-10
Actionable Report
Library prep
DNA Extraction
Day 3
Day 2
Day 1
OncoTarget 500 is tissue-based, clinically, and analytically validated for all solid malignant neoplasms.

This panel provides tumor mutation profiling information on somatic alterations (SNVs, small insertions and deletions, one amplification and four translocations), microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutation burden (TMB) for use by qualified healthcare professionals in accordance with professional guidelines in oncology for previously diagnosed cancer patients.
First FDA-Cleared IVD Comprehensive
Genomic Profiling Panel
First FDA cleared CE-IVD marked comprehensive kitted solution with bioinformatics
30+ validation studies
Streamlined workflow fast and reliable
Excellent Sensitivity and Specificity
cleared for all solid malignant neoplasms
Excellent results by a large prospective study with leading academic center​
Genes with FDA-Cleared common malignancies
  • NTRK 1, NTRK 2, NTRK 3
Keytruda® (pembrolizumab)

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